Muhammad Furqan

Hello, I am

Muhammad Furqan

Full-Stack Developer | TypeScript, Node.js, SvelteKit, Nuxt, Next.js, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Svelte, Vue.js, React, Tailwind CSS, MySQL, Docker, Vercel

With over 7 years of experience, transforming your visionary ideas into captivating digital experiences. My diverse skill set ensures innovative solutions and your success.

About me

Keeping it real, making use of modern tools and methodologies to accelerate business growth and establishing unfair advantages.

Full Stack Development

Over the years, I've specialized in all areas of the stack, Front-End to Back-End, DevOps and Infrastructure, at scale.

Cutting-edge Solutions

I stay updated on industry trends to provide cutting-edge solutions solutions to my clients, ensuring their projects are advanced in technology.

Rapid Prototyping & MVP

From concept, ideation and prototyping to MVP, testing and launching a technology-enabled business is in my DNA.

Authentic Solutions

Practical and effective solutions, customized to meet the specific requirements of each individual business, are what I specialize in. Keeping it authentic is my top priority.

Areas of Specialization

A set of unorthodox yet complementary skills to create advantage.

Strategy and Digital Transformation

For startups looking to leverage technology to create competitive advantage or existing businesses looking to transition, I assist businesses to create effective digital strategies

Serverless First

Serverless technology is set to become the computing platform for the next decade, businesses that leverage it early can get a major competitive advantage.

Growth Marketing

I have a fascination with growth marketing, using technology, data and non-obvious approaches to getting customers and obtaining growth.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Achieving compatibility across multiple platforms and devices is vital for providing smooth user experiences, expanding your audience, and improving user engagement.