Muhammad Furqan

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Muhammad Furqan

Full-Stack Developer | TypeScript, Node.js, SvelteKit, Nuxt, Next.js, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Svelte, Vue.js, React, Tailwind CSS, MySQL, Docker, Vercel

With over 7 years of experience, transforming your visionary ideas into captivating digital experiences. My diverse skill set ensures innovative solutions and your success.


Sveltekit E-commerce Review code

Experience the capabilities of SvelteKit, a contemporary and effective framework for constructing web interfaces, through this repository. Discover the strength of SvelteKit's component-based structure, server-side rendering, and smooth transitions in this particular repository. This solution is not only lightweight but also highly efficient when it comes to E-commerce.

Next.js Portfolio Review code

This cutting-edge Next.js powered web application repository showcases the most recent advancements in server actions. By utilizing server actions, we harness the server's capabilities to perform intricate tasks, thereby improving the efficiency and interactivity of our web application. Feel free to delve into this project and witness firsthand the future of server-side rendering in Next.js.

Astro Portfolio Review code

Explore this repository to find a web application created using Astro, which utilizes the newest feature known as "View Transitions." Immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge web page transitions and smooth animations that offer users a seamless and captivating browsing experience.

Upwork Job Filter Review code

The following repository showcases a progressive web application created using the most up-to-date Nuxt.js and tRPC technologies. It emphasizes the remarkable aspect of having typesafe APIs. Take a look at this project to see firsthand how the latest versions of Nuxt.js and tRPC come together to enhance web development, resulting in strong and high-performing web applications.

Clean Code Guidelines Review code

In this repository, you will find a user-friendly and easily adaptable static site created using VuePress, a simple yet powerful static site generator based on Vue.js. Immerse yourself in the realm of effortless documentation, blogs, and websites that have been skillfully crafted with the straightforwardness of VuePress and the versatility of Vue.js. Delve into this project to uncover how VuePress streamlines the process of creating and delivering content.

MCS Final Year Laravel Review code

Discover a dynamic web application built on Laravel, a highly effective PHP framework. Immerse yourself in the realm of streamlined and sophisticated web development, powered by Laravel's extensive capabilities such as routing, authentication, and database integrations.

MCS Final Year Nuxt Review code

Explore this repository to see an impressive client-side web application created using Nuxt.js, a flexible framework for Vue.js. Immerse yourself in this project and discover how Nuxt.js simplifies web development by providing efficient routing, state management, and an enjoyable user interface.

NixOS Config Review code

The NixOS configuration files stored in this repository are crucial for achieving an organized and clear system setup and management. Immerse yourself in the realm of NixOS, where you can effortlessly establish and sustain your system's infrastructure, ensuring stability, reproducibility, and customization at your disposal.

Laravel Docker Review code

It's a comprehensive Dockerized environment tailored for Laravel, a popular PHP framework for building web applications. This repository encapsulates the necessary configurations, dependencies, and tools to swiftly set up a development environment for Laravel projects using Docker containers. It streamlines the development and management of Laravel applications by leveraging the benefits of containerization, allowing for consistent and portable development setups across various systems and platforms.

Vue Docker Review code

It's a purpose-built Dockerized environment designed for Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework used for building interactive user interfaces. This repository provides a cohesive and containerized setup for Vue.js projects, offering essential configurations, dependencies, and tools necessary for efficient development.