Muhammad Furqan

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Muhammad Furqan

Full-Stack Developer | TypeScript, Node.js, SvelteKit, Nuxt, Next.js, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Svelte, Vue.js, React, Tailwind CSS, MySQL, Docker, Vercel

With over 7 years of experience, transforming your visionary ideas into captivating digital experiences. My diverse skill set ensures innovative solutions and your success.



SvelteKit E-commerce

SvelteKit E-commerce Visit now

SvelteKit E-commerce presents a high-performance solution for online stores, enhancing the shopping experience with exceptional speed, adaptable design, and effortless navigation. This platform places great importance on swift loading times and minimal data usage. It even can function without JavaScript, seamlessly transforming browsing into successful purchases.

Next.js Portfolio

Next.js Portfolio Visit now

The primary objective of this undertaking was to construct an impressive portfolio website that utilized Next.js. The aim was to create a platform that effectively exhibits a wide array of work and abilities. The design of the website is captivating and responsive, guaranteeing a seamless user experience across all devices. Whether one is browsing on a desktop computer or mobile device, the website effortlessly adjusts to provide optimal viewing.



Sveltekit E-commerce Review code

Experience the capabilities of SvelteKit, a contemporary and effective framework for constructing web interfaces, through this repository. Discover the strength of SvelteKit's component-based structure, server-side rendering, and smooth transitions in this particular repository. This solution is not only lightweight but also highly efficient when it comes to E-commerce.

Next.js Portfolio Review code

This cutting-edge Next.js powered web application repository showcases the most recent advancements in server actions. By utilizing server actions, we harness the server's capabilities to perform intricate tasks, thereby improving the efficiency and interactivity of our web application. Feel free to delve into this project and witness firsthand the future of server-side rendering in Next.js.

Upwork Job Filter Review code

The following repository showcases a progressive web application created using the most up-to-date Nuxt.js and tRPC technologies. It emphasizes the remarkable aspect of having typesafe APIs. Take a look at this project to see firsthand how the latest versions of Nuxt.js and tRPC come together to enhance web development, resulting in strong and high-performing web applications.

Vue Docker Review code

It's a purpose-built Dockerized environment designed for Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework used for building interactive user interfaces. This repository provides a cohesive and containerized setup for Vue.js projects, offering essential configurations, dependencies, and tools necessary for efficient development.



Senior Software Engineer

Cooperative Computing

Apr 2022 - May 2023



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