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Muhammad Furqan

Full-Stack Developer | TypeScript, Node.js, SvelteKit, Nuxt, Next.js, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Svelte, Vue.js, React, Tailwind CSS, MySQL, Docker, Vercel

With over 7 years of experience, transforming your visionary ideas into captivating digital experiences. My diverse skill set ensures innovative solutions and your success.



My Bright Maids

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My Bright Maids is a Babysitting/Nanny and Cleaners platform, where parents connect trusted caregivers and cleaning professionals in their neighborhood. Platform's top priority is the safety and well-being of precious children. Whether parents are looking for reliable babysitters or nanny services, or seeking cleaning jobs, the platform offers a convenient space for all their needs. Visit now was the first eFootball league for the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Players and clubs were able to create an account on Once registered, they can upload a profile picture, view their achievements, check their recent games, and track their statistics and position in the current season. They can also join their favorite club from Schleswig-Holstein and participate in cups, the ongoing season, and the State Association Trophy.



MCS Final Year Laravel Review code

Discover a dynamic web application built on Laravel, a highly effective PHP framework. Immerse yourself in the realm of streamlined and sophisticated web development, powered by Laravel's extensive capabilities such as routing, authentication, and database integrations.

Laravel Docker Review code

It's a comprehensive Dockerized environment tailored for Laravel, a popular PHP framework for building web applications. This repository encapsulates the necessary configurations, dependencies, and tools to swiftly set up a development environment for Laravel projects using Docker containers. It streamlines the development and management of Laravel applications by leveraging the benefits of containerization, allowing for consistent and portable development setups across various systems and platforms.



React Developer

Teclipse Sol Pvt Ltd

Aug 2021 - Mar 2022